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4 Benefits of Investing in Aluminium for Your Home

Aluminium door

More aluminium is being used than at any other point in commercial history. Aluminium is a naturally occurring metal and is also the third most abundant element. The copious supply continuously exceeds the worldwide demand.

Every modern home uses aluminium in some form or the other, be it an aluminium soda can or a mobile phone. The trending home improvement and property upgrade investment is the installation of aluminium framed windows, doors and showers.


But what makes aluminium such a favoured choice in our homes? We share the top 4 reasons here:


South Africa’s climate tends to quickly rust, rot and discolour most materials such as wood and iron. This means that maintenance of these items is costly, continuous and time-consuming. Good quality Aluminium products are almost maintenance-free. The longevity of the powder coat finish means that you will probably only have to purchase windows and doors once in your lifetime.

Aluminium doors

A good wipe down now and then will keep them looking as good as new.


Aluminium is 43 times stronger than wood. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio making it the perfect material for window frames, door frames and more. Less material is required to hold glass, this contributes to the streamlined, modern look.


The design options are endless because of the flexibility and forgiving essential characteristic.

Curved, extruded or tapered, whatever you prefer it can probably be done with aluminium. It is ultra-resistant to corrosion saving costs and time on treating cut edges in adventurous designs.


· Aluminium can be recycled without end. In fact, three-quarters of the aluminium ever produced is still being used!

· Very low contribution to emissions

· Aluminium doors and windows offer great thermal efficiency which relates to energy savings.


We know that your property is an investment. Choosing aluminium doors and windows have many benefits that make it the number one investment choice when renovating or building your home.

Reach Out To Us for a quotation to get your home upgraded.

Inkosi Aluminium and Glass is situated in the beautiful city of East London, South Africa. With a market saturated with cheap imports, we have made it our mission to provide premium grade products to property owners in Buffalo City and its surrounds.

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