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What is Anodised Aluminium?

Black, bronze and gold anodised aluminium extrusion cutoffs laying side by side

Anodised aluminium is a type of aluminium that has been treated to have a super strong finish. The process involves immersing the metal in a series of tanks and growing an anodic layer from the metal itself in one of the tanks. This special layer is created from aluminium itself, making it much more durable than similar materials on the market. The anodised aluminium is three times harder than the raw material and is also 60 per cent lighter than competing metals such as stainless steel and copper. Because of its exceptional durability, anodised aluminium will never chip, flake, or peel.

Benefits of Anodized Aluminium:

  • Anodised aluminium is a solid and durable material used for many purposes. It is made by treating regular aluminium with a unique process that makes it even tougher and damage-resistant. This means anodised aluminium is less likely to get scratched, chipped, or rusted.

  • Anodised aluminium is versatile and can look beautiful in many ways. It can be given a shiny or matte finish and can even be made to look like other metals, such as gold or copper. It can also be coloured in any shade you want, and the colour will last very long.

  • Another advantage of anodised aluminium is that it is very lightweight. This means transporting and handling are more accessible and cheaper than metals like steel or brass. It is also environmentally friendly because it can be recycled and doesn't have a significant environmental impact.

  • Overall, anodised aluminium is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a strong, beautiful, and cost-effective material for their project.

Where is anodised aluminium used?

At Inkosi Aluminium and Glass, we manufacture anodised aluminium windows, doors, cabinetry, security gates, and other products for the consumer goods industry.

Consumers want attractive, long-lasting products that reflect their aesthetics and lifestyle. No matter the look, texture, or colour you’re looking for, anodised aluminium can deliver from kitchen backsplash panels to greenhouses, cabinetry, windows, doors and skylights.

The anodised aluminium is popular for modern building and construction exteriors or interiors because it doesn't rust, patina, or weather. Additionally, anodised aluminium can be customised in any colour, finish, or texture, making it an attractive, lightweight, and affordable option for interior finishes such as ceiling panels, store signage, and elevator panels.

Whether creating impressive buildings, structures, and interiors or simply renovating, anodised aluminium can be a beautiful part of your project. The anodising process is eco-friendly and produces a finish with unparalleled dynamic beauty, longevity, and durability.

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